Day 5: Back to Real Life

March 15th Low Gap Shelter to Unicoi Gap Miles Hiked: 9.7 AT milage: 52.5 Elevation chart from Guthook Guides. This morning we woke up at 5am, packed up in the rain and were hiking before 6am. We got up super early in hopes to make it to Unicoi gap before noon. That way my dad... Continue Reading →

Day 4: Walking Through the Clouds

March 14th Bull Gap to Low Gap Shelter Miles Hiked: 10.4 AT mileage: 42.8 Elevation chart from Guthook Guides. I slept a whopping total of five minutes last night. The wind storm kept me up all night  and then it started raining around 5am. We woke up at 7am and were out of the tent... Continue Reading →

Day 3: Mountain Crossings

March 13th Lance Creek to Bull Gap Miles hiked 8.5 AT mileage 32.4 Elevation chart from Guthook Guides. Today we slept in because we were all so exhausted from yesterday. I was really slow getting ready and took my time. We hit the trail around 9am and hiked very slow. After the miles we put... Continue Reading →

Day 2: The long day to Lance Creek

March 12th Hawk Mountain Shelter to Lance Creek Campground Miles hiked:15.8 AT mileage: 23.7 Elevation chart from Guthook Guides. Last night at the shelter before bed, the four of us (Emma, clay, Caroline, and I) decided we felt good enough to try for a longer day of hiking tomorrow. We wanted to get around a... Continue Reading →

Day 1: The Rainforest

March 11th Springer mountain shelter to Hawk mountain shelter Miles hiked:7.9 AT mileage: 8.1 Elevation chart from Guthook Guides. I slept great last night. Today we woke up at 7:30 broke camp, and hit the trail at 9:15. Our mileage was really easy. It was pretty much all downhill except the last 2 miles. After... Continue Reading →

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