Day 172: Monson

Day 172 October 3rd A Zero in Monson Miles Hiked: Zero AT Milage: 2077.5 Today is my last zero day in town. There is only 115 miles between myself and Katahdin. First I will have to go through the 100 mile wilderness, and then I will enter Baxter State Park where I will spend my... Continue Reading →

Day 171: Moxie Bald and Meru

Day 171 October 2nd Stealth Spot to Monson, ME Miles Hiked: 24.7 AT Milage: 2077.5 This morning I woke up to the sound of Doc packing away his things which slightly alarmed me because I am usually always the first person awake at camp unless someone decided to leave absurdly early. My body was drastically... Continue Reading →

170: Cararunk

Day 170 October 1st Pierce Pond Lean-to to Stealth Site Miles Hiked: 16 AT Milage: 2052.8 This morning I waited until the last possible moment to get out of my sleeping bag. I knew I needed to be at Harrison's at 7am for breakfast so I waited until after 6:30am to rip off the band... Continue Reading →

Day 169: Pierce Pond

Day 169: Pierce Pond September 30th Little Bigelow Lean-to to Pierce Pond Lean-to Miles Hiked: 17.7 AT Milage: 2036.8 Today I slept in since I knew it was an easy day of hiking and it wouldn't take me long to get to the destination. It was the flattest the trail has been in a very... Continue Reading →

Day 168: The Bigelows

Day 168 September 29th H.O.ME. to Little Bigelow Lean-to Miles Hiked: 15.3 AT Milage: 2019.1 This morning I woke up well rested from getting great sleep in the bunk room. I ate an amazing breakfast of hard boiled eggs, toast, OJ, and a blueberry pastry before getting on the 7:30am shuttle back to the trail... Continue Reading →

Day 167: H.O.ME

Day 167 Spaulding Mountain Campsite to H.O.ME September 28th Miles Hiked: 13.5 AT Milage: 2000.3 This morning I woke up at 5:30am motivated to get to town early so my night at the hostel I planned to stay at would be worth it. It was cold but I "ripped the band aid off" fast by... Continue Reading →

Day 166: Saddle Back

Day 166 September 27th Piazza Rock Lean-To to Spaulding Mountain Lean-To Miles Hiked: 17 AT Milage: 1990.3 This morning I woke up around 7am and was slow to leave my warm sleeping bag. The people in the shelter finally woke up and I learned they didn't speak English. I began my climb up Saddle Back... Continue Reading →

Day 165: Piazza Rock

Day 165 September 26th Bemis Mountain Lean-to to Piazza Rock Lean-to Miles Hiked: 19.5 AT Milage: 1973.4 Last night a section hiker in the shelter was snoring extremely loudly. Usually it doesn't bother me too much when people snore gently, I find it a little comforting. Clearly this man had severe sleep apnea and I... Continue Reading →

Day 164: Bemis Mountain Lean-to

Day 164 September 25th East B Road to Bemis Mountain Lean-to Miles Hiked: 18.8 AT Milage: 1953.9 I slept really well last night. I fell asleep around 9pm and didn't wake up until 7am. I got ready and got on the trail around 8:30 with the hostel shuttle. Today was a really uneventful day of... Continue Reading →

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