About Me

Hi there,

My name is Deserrae and I’m currently a senior in college. I’m excited about two things: the outdoors and everything about health care. I will be graduating this spring with a BS in health sciences.

Anyways… you’re probably here to read more about outdoor things.

As far as the outdoors goes I’ve always loved it. I am fortunate to grow up with a family that valued the outdoors. We went on many camping trips, first in a tent, then a cabin, and finally we bought a camper. As I got older we spent less time doing things outside but my love for the outdoors never stopped.

In college I made my best friends through rock climbing at a campus gym that I had access to. These friends also shared a love for the outdoors and adventure. This summer my goal was to make it to all of the Columbus metro parks and I officially started this blog. A second goal of mine was to go on my first backpacking trip which I honestly feel like I always wanted to go on. So far I’ve made it to 15/18 parks and I did go on my first backpacking trip!… as well as a few more.

Over the summer I became obsessed with the Appalachian Trail after having my first back country experience. I’ve read many books, trail journals, Facebook groups, blogs, and watched a few movies. You will find me constantly researching gear and strategies. I’m planning on attempting a thru hike of the trail starting April of 2019!!

I hope you enjoy following along my journey on this blog.

Happy trails!


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