Day 160: Maine

Day 160: Maine September 21st Rattle River to Carlo Col Shelter Miles Hiked: 16.9 AT Milage: 1910.7 I tried to sleep in this morning but I still woke up before 7am. I laid in bed trying to fall back asleep and eventually gave up and went downstairs to breakfast at 7:40. When I got there... Continue Reading →

Day 162: Bald Plate Mountain

Day 162 September 23rd Old Speck Pond Shelter to Andover, ME (East B Hill Road) Miles Hiked: 14.9 AT Milage: 1935.1 This morning I didn't leave camp until around 8am. I slept extremely well last night because I was so exhausted from the Notch. My first climb of the day was Old Speck Mountain which... Continue Reading →

Day 161: Mahoosuc Notch

Day 161 September 22nd Carlo Col Shelter to Speck Pond Shelter Miles Hiked: 9.5 AT Milage: 1920.2 Today I woke up around 7:30 and got on trail at 9am. I sat around talking to the other hikers at camp. There were a lot of NOBOs and I was excited. My body was very sore so... Continue Reading →

Day 158: The Wildcats

Day 158 Pinkham notch to Carter notch hut Miles Hiked: 5.9 AT Milage: 1878.5 Today we spent the morning in town, starting with the hot tub first. Next was breakfast, showers, and sorting out gear stuff. We got back on trail around 11am and began our short day of hiking to Carter notch hut.The first... Continue Reading →

Day 157: Mount Washington

Day 157 Lakes of the clouds hut to Pinkham notch Miles hiked: 14.9 AT Milage: 1872.6 Last night the hut was really cold. It was probably because the hut was at a high elevation of 5,022 feet. I slept on the floor of the dinning room and the 90 guests were up all night long... Continue Reading →

Day 155: Ethan Pond

Day 155 Stealth Spot to Ethan Pond Shelter Miles Hiked: 10.6 AT Milage: 43.7 After not getting any sleep at all last night, I packed up my tent in the dark and started hiking around 6:30am. My hike was incredibly easy today. All of it was downhill on super flat terrain. The air was foggy,... Continue Reading →

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