Day 106: Memorial

Day 106 Kent, CT to Pine Swamp Brook Shelter Miles Hiked: 17.0 AT Milage: 1486.1 This morning I woke up at Amaya's house and got ready for the trail. I've been having issues getting my blog posts to upload with pictures and I realized it is because I ran out of storage on the free... Continue Reading →

Day 105: Kent, CT

Day 105:Trail Angels of Kent, CT Wiley Shelter to Kent, CT Miles Hiked: 13.1 AT Milage: 1469.1 I barely slept last night. The forrest was so loud with things dropping from trees. I was nervous about sleeping next to all the bear bags that were hanging by my tent. My legs were also aching from... Continue Reading →

Day 104: Dover Oak

Day 104Shenandoah Tenting Area to Wiley ShelterMiles Hiked: 26.4 AT Milage: 1456.0 This morning I woke up at 6:30 and left camp by 7:15. I slept really well again last night and felt much better today (not as sore). I think this 20 mpd average is wearing me out a lot and helps me sleep... Continue Reading →

Day 103: Struggle Bus

Day 103: BearGraymoore Spiritual Center to Shenandoah CampsitesMiles Hiked: 17.7 AT Milage:1429.6 This morning I slept in until 6:30am which is kinda late for me. I didn't wake up at all until my alarm went off. When it did I was super lazy about getting ready. I felt so sore and didn't want to hike... Continue Reading →

Day 102: Bear Mountain

Day 102Island Pond to Garymoore Spiritual CenterMiles Hiked: 24.5AT Milage: 1411.9Today I woke up at 5:30 without an alarm clock. Around 11pm last night I heard Big Red who was camping 400 feet away from me yelling at a bear a clicking rocks together. I was really scared so I woke up long feather and... Continue Reading →

Day 101: Welcome to New York

Day 101 Waywayanda Shelter to Island Pond Miles Hiked: 23.7 AT Milage: 1363.7 Today I woke up at 5:30am and got on trail at 6:15. I slept really good last night and I was so happy about it. The weather was so beautiful for hiking. The air was crisp and cool. It's odd to have... Continue Reading →

Day 100: Girl Scouts

Day 100 Unionville, NY to Waywayanda Shelter Miles Hiked: 16.8 AT Milage: 1363.7 This morning I woke up around 7am. I slept pretty well last night. I think it was due to having a pillow since I got my sleeping bag back. I bought a chocolate milk and some food for the trail at the... Continue Reading →

Day 99: Unionville

Last night it continuously rained all night. I didn't sleep the best because there were so many mosquitos trying to bite me. I left camp in the rain at 7am.My legs were chafing super bad so I took wide steps all day. They only chafe when everything is soaking wet. I used antibiotic ointment to... Continue Reading →

Day 98: Brink Road Shelter

Day 98 Camp Road to Brink Road Shelter Miles Hiked: 14.3 AT Milage: 1320.2 After going to bed last night at 11pm, I woke up at 10:20am in the hotel room. I was so shocked I was able to sleep in that long and also extremely happy about it. My body has been craving good... Continue Reading →

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