Day 65: Calf Mountain Shelter

Day 65 Waynesboro, VA (Rockfish Gap) to Calf Mountain Shelter Miles Hiked: 8 AT Milage: 871.4 This morning I woke up a little before 8am and got my pack and cot packed away. I ate some cereal at the church before I left at 9am with Toucan and Fancy Feast. Toucan and I went to... Continue Reading →

Day 64: Not Today

Day 64 Hanging Rock Overlook to Waynesboro, VA Miles Hiked: 22.8 AT Milage: 863.7 Last night I successfully camped alone for the first time ever! I didn't sleep very well but I did it and I'm proud of myself. I woke up at 5:30am to see the sunrise but it was very overcast and I... Continue Reading →

Day 62: Father’s Day

Day 62 Punch Bowl Overlook to Seeley-Woolworth Shelter Miles Hiked: 24.9 AT Milage: 822.5 This morning my parents dropped me off at Pubch Bowl Overlook at 8am. I slack packed 11ish miles to route 60 where I met my parents again who were doing trail magic. At route 60 I got my backpack back again.... Continue Reading →

Day 61: A Zero in Lexington

Day 61 A Zero day in Lexington, VA Miles Hiked: Zero Today I did more things than I've ever done on a Zero day. The breakfast at the hotel was great. I sorted out all of the food my parents brought me to take on the trail and figured out when my next resupply will... Continue Reading →

Day 60: One Pound Reese Cup

Day 60 Thunder Hill Shelter to Punch Bowl Mountain Overlook Miles Hiked: 25.7 AT Milage: 797.6 Last night was very windy and freezing. It was probably one of the coldest nights I've had on the trail. I was wearing all of my wool layers plus my puffy coat and still shivering! I'm glad I didn't... Continue Reading →

Day 59: Grateful

Day 59 Bobblet's Gap Shelter to Thunder Hill Shelter Miles Hiked: 23.7 AT Milage: 771.9 This morning I didn't leave camp until almost 9am. I was so frustrated because I was very ready to leave and hit the trail before 7am but it rained all night long and didn't stop until after 8am. After the... Continue Reading →

Day 58: 1/3 Way

Day 58 Daleville, VA to Bobblets Gap Shelter Miles Hiked: 18.7 AT Milage: 748.2 This morning I got on trail close to 9am because I slept in and ate breakfast at the hotel. Flip and Cocoa had some town errands to run so they were supposed to get on trail after me. I am kind... Continue Reading →

Day 57: I Need This

Day 57 A Zero in Daleville, VA Miles Hiked: Zero AT Milage: 729.7 Today I decided to take a zero because the last week has been my toughest week on the AT so far and my feet were just hurting so bad. I enjoyed lots of food including continental breakfast and dinner at Three Pigs... Continue Reading →

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