Day 42: A Zero in Damascus, VA

Day 42 The Place Miles Hiked: Zero This morning I slept until 7:30AM but I barely got any sleep last night. I was frustrated because one of the major reasons I like to get a place to sleep other than my tent for the night is to catch up on all the sleep I miss... Continue Reading →

Day 41: The Place

Day 41 Stealth Spot to Damascus, VA Miles Hiked: 15.3 AT Milage: 470.7 This morning Emma and I hit the trail right at 7am. We were really excited to get to town, we were looking forward to the pizza buffet for a long time. We quickly made it to town by 2pm. We crossed the... Continue Reading →

Day 40: The Rabbit Hole

Day 40 Vandeventer Shelter to Stealth Spot Miles Hiked: 17.8 AT Milage: 455.4 This morning I woke up at 5:30 AM because I wanted to see the sunrise. There was a cool view of the lake and surrounding mountains from behind the shelter. It was a super foggy morning and I couldn't see much so... Continue Reading →

Day 37: The Station at 19E

Day 37 Carver's Gap to Mountaineer Shelter Miles Hiked: 23.6 AT Milage: 404.0 This morning Emma and I got out of our tent at 6AM. I really wanted to wake up and see the sunrise but we were both so tired. Last night we set up our tent close to a road and there was... Continue Reading →

Day 39: Going SOBO over Pond Mountain

Day 39 Kincora to Vandeventer Shelter Miles Hiked: 17.6 AT Milage: 437.6 This morning Emma and I woke up at Kincora around 8am. Last night Bob offered to drive Emma and I to Watagua lake so we could slack pack 9miles southbound over Pond Mountain back to Kincora. He said after that he would drive... Continue Reading →

Day 38: Kincora

Day 38 Mountaineer Shelter to Kincora Miles Hiked: 16 AT Milage: 420.0 This morning Emma and I slept in, or at least tried to. It's been so hot at night we can't sleep in our sleeping bags without sweating a puddle. If we sleep outside our sleeping bags we risk getting bit by a lot... Continue Reading →

Day 36: Cloudland

Day 36 Cherry Gap Shelter to Carver's Gap Mike's Hiked: 19.1 AT Milage: 380.4 This morning Emma and I woke up at 5:30AM and were hiking at 6:05. We did our first 7 miles super fast. My feet were feeling great. I was really frustrated and scared when I rolled my ankle badly going downhill.... Continue Reading →

Day 35: Beauty Spot

Day 35 Random Stealth Spot to Cherry Gap Shelter Miles Hiked: 15.2 AT Milage: 361.3 This morning we started getting ready at 7:30 am. I didn't sleep well at all last night so I wasn't motivated to get on the trail. I really didn't want to say goodbye to Jeff either. He left at 8am... Continue Reading →

Day 34: On the Trail Again…

Day 34 Erwin, TN to random stealth camping spot Miles Hiked: 1.8 AT Milage: 346.1 This morning I woke up at my house extremely tired from the night before. I was so slow getting all of my belongings together for the trail. We didn't leave our house until 11am for the 7 hour drive back... Continue Reading →

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