Day 14: The NOC

Day 14 Wesser Bald Shelter to Sassafras Shelter Miles Hiked: 12.8 AT Milage: 148.3 This morning I woke up to noises outside my tent and the light of a headlamp. I was so confused because I thought it was the middle of the night. I poked my head out of my tent and saw that... Continue Reading →

Day 13: Good Company

Day 13 Wayah Shelter to Wesser Bald Shelter Miles Hiked: 10.6 AT Milage: 131 Last night I slept very well despite the wind storm and being worried about my bear bag I hung directly over my tent. I figured I would just wake up if a bear came but I was still worried. Today I... Continue Reading →

Day 12: Wayah Bald

Day 12 Siler Bald to Wayah Bald Shelter Miles Hiked: 7.3 AT milage: 120.2 This morning I slept in slightly later than normal since I barely slept at all the night before. Last night was my roughest night on trail yet. I was up until 3:30am having massive coughing fits and I didn't have any... Continue Reading →

Day 11: Trail Angels

Day 11 Rock Gap to Siler Bald Miles Hiked: 7.9 AT milage: 113.7 This morning I still woke up at 7am without an alarm, even though I fully intended on sleeping in because I had a real bed. Andrea and I got breakfast at McDonalds and got ready to check out of the hotel. My... Continue Reading →

Day 9: Listening to My Body

Standing Indian Shelter to Carter Gap Shelter Mikes Hiked: 7.6 AT Milage: 93.5 This morning I slept in til 7:15, a little later than usual. I woke up feeling sicker than I had the other days. I took some medicine and started getting ready. I believe I was the first one out of camp again.... Continue Reading →

Day 8: First Border Crossing

Day 8 Plum Orchard Shelter to Standing Indian Shelter Miles hiked: 12.2 AT Milage: 85.9 I slept SO well last night. I feel asleep before 8 and woke up around 7. I took melatonin, Tylenol, and night time cold medicine. I knew I needed to sleep very well to start getting better. For the second... Continue Reading →

Day 7: One Mile Per Hour

Day 7 Sassafras Gap to Plum Orchard Shelter Miles hiked: 10.8 AT Milage: 73.7 This morning I woke up before 7am to the sound of woodpeckers and bird chirping. I had a dream about trying to hitch hike from the trail and woke up a few times last night thinking I heard a bear trying... Continue Reading →

Day 6: For real this time

Day 6 Unicoi Gap to Sassafras Gap Miles hike 10.4 AT mileage 62.8 Today is the day! My parents and sister sacrificed their weekend to drive me down to the trail at Unicoi Gap in GA. We stayed the night at Quality Inn in Helen, GA. I called around to several hotels and it was... Continue Reading →

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